Aleksandra Domanovic
08.11.2014 – 14.12.2014

I can‘t remember the first hand that touched me. I can‘t remember what that first hand touched me with. 

The transducer is in a 90° position. It is not gender specific, can be abstract and should be a separate object. (Like eggshell, but flatter and with a softer edge). While the term transducer commonly implies the use of a sensor/detector, any device that converts energy can be considered a transducer. 

The instrument is used to emit sound waves and transmit them to a computer, to produce an image. The image measures growth, and evaluates the development of certain organs. Common other examples include microphones, loudspeakers, thermometers, position and pressure sensors and antennas. Photocells, LEDS (light-emitting diodes) and even common light bulbs are transducers. None are 100% efficient; some power is always lost in the conversion process. 

I move through the plastic coating as if it‘s a door. 

I call my mother, hands free. A transducer is a device that converts energy into energy. 


Die Ausstellung von Aleksandra Domanovic (*1981 in Novi Sad, Serbien, lebt in Berlin) im Kunstverein Hildesheim ist eine Zwischenstation ihrer Auseinandersetzung mit technologischen Innovationen, ihren historischen Wurzeln und an sie geknüpften Hoffnungen und Fantasien. Zwei Stockwerke im mittelalterlichen Kehrwiederturm des Kunstvereins Hildesheim werden für die Zeit von Aleksandra Domanovics Ausstellung zum Schauraum eines „work-in- progress“: Domanovic zeigt per 3D-Druck gefertigte Zwischenstadien von Skulpturen, die den dritten Teil einer 2013 begonnenen Trilogie bilden.